Inspiring Dad Leadership Blueprint

Become the leader that inspires and moves people to action both in and out of the home

When I was growing up and saw the powerful influence the great leaders throughout time had on the world, it inspired me to become one of them. I saw how much progress could be made, how influential they were and best of all people wanted to be around them because there was a renewed potential people saw in themselves when they were around these great leaders. 

Early in my leadership journey, I thought the only way to better myself was through reading books on leadership, business and self-improvement. Every book I read made me think I needed to read another, because I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for... inspiring people into action, getting my point across in an effective way and knowing what to do in difficult situations. When I would go to the bookstore it was rare to find a book I hadn’t read, but I still felt stuck. How am I reading all of these books from the great leaders of our time, yet I’m not becoming one of them? Once I realized the outside world was a reflection of what was going on inside, everything changed. 

I found decisions or outcomes started changing when I brought up my perspective. Instead of being tuned out, people would start to seek out my opinions and recommendations. I started inspiring people to do better and to be better. Best of all, I started knowing what to do in stressful situations that previously cripled me. That shift kept feeding my credibility and influence as a leader. The linchpin? Self-awareness.This shift enabled me to make those tough decisions, to inspire people to action and best of all, I noticed that my personal life became so much easier.

It was through this ah-ha moment, I realized that other leaders are struggling with the same thing. I decided to take what I've learned and build a blueprint for others to follow. This blueprint enables leaders to transform into an inspiring leader immediately, instead of stumbling on their own journey for years with sub-par results.

What is Inspiring Leadership Anyways? 

Leadership can get hazy and blurred with everyone using the word all the time, so let’s break down what it means to be an inspiring leader. 

  - Inspiring leaders possess these qualities: 

  - Decisiveness to choose, especially when there are many options on the table

  - Choosing integrity in every and all situations

  - Inspiring others to do more than they ever thought possible 

  - Empathy that builds trust and perspective to find the right solutions to obstacles and problems

  - Confidence--both in yourself and in those who are in your presence and community 

  - Visionary mindset that helps you know what your next step is, even when the path feels murky  

  - Humbleness which enables continual growth at accelerated speeds 

  - Communication that leads to flawless execution of the vision and plan

If how you’re showing up as a leader isn’t clear, consistent and genuine, then it won’t be long until you’re all alone and feeling powerless. 

Inspiring leadership is THAT important

David Zapata,
Husband | Father | Entrepreneur | Investor
"The Inspiring Dad Leadership Blueprint was a POWERFUL experience which helped me understand how I react to stress. It enabled me to concentrate my energy in a more productive way to achieve my goals. Highly recommend, as self-awareness is the first step and this tool gives that to you"
Your ability to lead is ONLY as good as your self-awareness
Truth be told, you can use the list above and tell yourself that you exhibit all of those qualities but if you’re still feeling like every day is a fight to get anything done, people aren’t listening to you and you’re missing deadlines then there might be something missing.

Self-awareness is often mentioned on everyone’s leadership journey, but how often is it really implemented? Much like telling a kid to focus or someone to just ‘be happy’, merely saying it doesn’t mean it magically happens.

Great and truly inspiring leadership requires self-awareness as a barometer of how you’re really showing up. When that gets dialed in, you’ll be the kind of leader everyone listens to and you’ll be making massive progress, effortlessly.

Who is the best candidate for the Inspiring Dad Leadership Blueprint?

If you are an established leader in the home or the office, where you have a team and a family to take care, please keep reading.

Does any of this sound like you? 

  • You want to become a pioneer in driving diversity and inclusion the right way, since you know the true power that can be unlocked if done correctly. 
  • ​You would love to make progress in the office without having to be a helicopter leader. This would allow you to focus more on the strategy and long-term vision instead of firefighting. 
  • ​You desire to have a powerful relationship with your children, so you can help them be successful in an ever-changing world. 

When you demonstrate inspiring leadership in the office, it naturally carries over into the home, allowing you to be the inspiring Dad, not the nag who just ends up being ignored.

In the Inspiring Dad Leadership Blueprint:

  - You’ll learn how you’ve been showing up through an impactful assessment that we’ll go through together. 

  - I’ll guide you through the exact process and steps I take to make any change stick so you can focus more of your time on the things that brings you joy an inspiration. 

  - You’ll learn how you can get the same and even more results with a lot less stress. I’ll show you simple shifts that you can make that will dramatically change how you show up as a leader.

  - You’ll feel happier and healthier, once you gain awareness of how stress, anger and guilt have been hiding in the shadows. 

Chad Sutton - Husband | Father | Real-Estate Investor

Elliott Stapleton - Husband | Father | Lawyer | Invester

What's the Blueprint process?


During our time together, you will experience dedicated support and a safe space so you can step into becoming an inspirational leader. 

You’ll leave this experience with a refreshed outlook of inspiring leadership, which will help position you as the leader you keep reading about in your books. 

Step 1: We will meet in an introductory 15 minute get together call to discuss the assessment, and to answer any questions you have. 

Step 2: You’ll take the assessment and this will establish your Inspiring Leadership Baseline. We will use this data to craft your blueprint of where you are and where your blindspots are. (This will take about 30 minutes to complete.) 

Step 3: We will meet for a 60 minute coaching call where we’ll discuss the results from your assessment, uncover the areas of how you’re showing up and brainstorm ways of paving new ground as an inspirational leader. 

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